Client Name:


Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Project Name:


Space Design/ Installation

"Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes" -Carl Ljung

A large scale artwork with emphasis on the contrast between inside and outside, transparency and opaque. The artworks objective is to highlight the inside space. 

The concept creates a space from which the messy surroundings are visually blended off. At the same time the serene inside is fully visible from the outside. A large scale printed artwork fade and merge organically between light and darkness creating the innovation of opaque and transparent effect. 


The innovation developed by Nathalie Adenling consists of a double sided large scale print on a perforated textile vinyl. The outside is 100% printed in black creating the see through effect only from the outside, and the inside consists of a white wall washer lighted print that creates the illusion of non visibility like a white opaque surface you can't see through. The white motive blends and fades in to black in an organic artwork creating an outstanding effect and beautiful balance between light and darkness, see through and non see through visual effects.