Swedish furniture manufacturer

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MIMIC, Lounge seating

A cutting edge innovation of a thick memory foam upholstery and high elastic laminated fabric developed by Nathalie Adenling. 


The property of memory foam gives a unique tactile experience with its ability to adopt to body weight and heat. When cold the material gets frozen and hard. By heat the exquisite features of the memory foam appears. This transformative feature and contrast is captured in the design by exploring the association of a hard visual appearance versus a soft physical experience. With a sleek design shaped like an ocean blasted pebble the visual appearance and stone like association of Mimic is not what it seems. The visual contrast enhances the interactive experience. The unexpected effects of this soft and highly elastic material make for a comfortable surprise as soon as the person sits down and slowly sinking into the material making a personal impression to the bench. When a person gets up, the sculpted shape reverts slowly into its original form, leaving just a short memory of the person.